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You Need to Take Care When Decorating Bedrooms for Kids with Asthma or Allergies

If you want to redecorate a bedroom for your kids, and they have asthma, allergies, or any other respiratory condition; you really have to be careful when choosing fabrics, carpeting, curtains, and so on. They want to have fun playrooms filled with color, imagination, and exhibiting their special interests…just like any other child. And you can do it, with just a little more care and thought!

Twist and tear and boogie woogie

Twist and tear and boogie woogie

Sticky: What Are Your Options With Arched Windows

While arched windows are charming and beautiful, they do require more thought when it comes to dressing them. There are several options available to you. Most frequently, a sunburst blind, or custom shutter is used in the arch, with a matching treatment for the rectangular window beneath it.

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