Area Rugs Made of Wood

February 9, 2010 by  
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Teak Hardwood FlooringTeak is a very hard wood with a rather coarse texture, a scent somewhat like leather, and natural oils that make it a very durable and beautiful material for both flooring and rugs. Because it doesn’t rot, and is termite resistant (it actually repels most insects), it can be used in humid areas such as bathrooms, in front of sinks, and as outdoor mats for your deck, terrace, or patio.

Ebony Wood FlooringDon’t be afraid to use teak area rugs on balconies, by your swimming pool or hot tub, or even in your walkways or hallways. It is good in foyers, as well, and will wear beautifully. Ebony is another wood that can be used in this manner.

You may find patterns that are made using strips, squares, or other geometric shapes. One very interesting look is the wood block rug, usually made of ebony, and which is made up of small blocks of wood that are held together with nuts and washers that have been countersunk into the blocks. These rugs can be rolled up for easy storage or to move from place to place. It is recommended that you use a poly-PVC coated rug pad under these rugs to avoid slippage.

Maintaining these rugs is a simple matter. Simply wipe them with a damp, cloth to remove surface soil. If more is needed, use a gentle soap that is non detergent, and a sponge. You would never want to use a brush that is abrasive, or steel wool on these woods. If your are cleaning your rug outside, simply hose it down with a low pressure hose.

These rugs are beautiful, easy to clean, and environmentally friendly!