Sticky: What Are Your Options With Arched Windows

What are the Options With Arched Windows

While arched windows are charming and beautiful, they do require more thought when it comes to dressing them. There are several options available to you. Most frequently, a sunburst blind, or custom shutter is used in the arch, with a matching treatment for the rectangular window beneath it.

If you don’t need to cover the arch for privacy or insulating your home, you can leave it bare, and simply drape or dress the standard window under it. If you have a good sun exposure, you might hang plants in the arch.  If the windows are too high for easy watering, use a nice silk plant there instead.

Fabric can be used in the arch, much in the manner of a valence, with blinds or shutters below. Or you can get those curved pocket rods and use a café type curtain in the arch.  When buying the curtains, make sure you have measured from the highest point of your arched window.

Why not actually hang long curtains using the curved rods?  Again, they must be measured from the longest point.  The material you cut from the bottom to hem them to the correct length can be used as tie backs for the curtains.

You always have the option of treating the two windows (arch and rectangle) as one standard window.  To do this effectively, you would hang your rod just above the highest  part of the arch, using a straight rod.  The rod should extend just far enough on either side of the window to be able to draw the panels to the sides without covering any glass. Be exact, as you don’t want to expose any wall, either.

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