Dress Up Your Porch

Spring is here after a long and discouraging winter. So it is time to dress up your porch so that you can enjoy the fresh air with some healthy outdoor living. The first thing you do is take stock of what you have sitting out there.

If the old wooden swing is shabby and being used for collecting odds and ends, but is still sturdy, why not fix it up a bit and make it the point of interest on your porch? Pick a bright color that contrasts nicely with the exterior of your home, paint it with a good quality outside paint, and add a comfortable, nicely patterned cushion and a couple of throw pillows to it.

If the porch is wide enough to arrange a conversation grouping, place an area rug under the edge of the swing; large enough to place a couple of chairs or rockers around. If the swing anchors from the ceiling, make sure that the rug fits all the way under the swing to keep feet from catching in the edges.

You can easily make a nice table for the porch by filling a large heaving pottery vase or cement urn with sand (to add weight and stability), and placing a heavyweight glass or wooden slab over it. To make a coffee table, use two identical vases or urns, evenly spaced under your table top.

Furniture should be wicker, rattan, wrought iron, or hard woods. Materials should be bamboo, sisal, jute; anything good for indoor/outdoor use. Finish it off with baskets of flowering plants, both hanging and tucked into corners.

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