Designer Looks On A Tight Budget

Interior Decorating SimplyIt isn’t all that difficult to pick out your main pieces of furniture, carpeting, and paint colors . . . especially if you have a special theme in mind. But it is the accessorizing and attention to the smallest detail that makes your room look professionally done.

Still, if you have no idea what to choose, here is the secret to finding a starting point and saving money at the same time. Walk through your room (or the whole house if you are redoing it all), and make a list of the things that you still like and would rather keep. It might be a colorful painting that depicts an outdoor garden…or it could be a throw pillow that was given to you by someone special.

Interior Decorating On A Budget is just as simple as that!

Throw PillowThat throw pillow with the geometric pattern and modern colors, or perhaps a country print in dusty blues and pinks, has just become the basis for both your theme and your color scheme. The rest is easy. Go to flea markets, thrift shops and estate sales, and bring your pillow with you.

If there is nothing you want to keep and you are sick and tired of your colors, you still have a starting point…what not to use. In this case, go shopping just to browse, and when you fall for something, even if it is whimsical, buy it. Now you have your starting point, plus knowledge of what not to buy.

Throw Pillows on Your Sofa

If you can’t afford original art, use graphics…
…or fabric that carries your colors and is stretched and framed.

Make plant arrangements appear more dramatic by clustering them at different heights (plain boxes that are painted, papered, or fabric covered are much cheaper than columns) and throwing an inexpensive can light with a CFL light bulb in it behind them. The drama created by the lighting will make everyone believe you worked with a professional!

Organizing Your Kitchen

Interior Decorating 7If you’ve ever had to clean out a cluttered kitchen you know just how hard it can be. If you have organizing your kitchen on your list of things to do, you may be feeling pretty stressed at the overwhelming task. If it seems like you are unable to find your knife set, or your favorite cooking utensils when you need them, this is a clear sign that a kitchen revamp is needed.

Organizing your kitchen does not have to be as stressful as it seems. There are simple steps you can follow to minimize your journey to a clutter free kitchen. Get started on your organizational journey!


Kitchen drawer organizerUtensil Drawers

Are you having a hard time finding things in your drawers when you need them? You may consider organizers made especially for your drawers. These units typically come with slots that make separating items easier. This will make separating your knife set apart from the other utensils easier.


Hanging pots & pansOrganizing Pots & Pans

Organizing pots and pans is a big issue in many homes. Pots are hardly ever stacked neatly on top on another. Even if you try to organize often, you probably find yourself dealing with a mess in your cabinets more often than you desire to. However, you can choose from a number of racks designed especially for pots.

These organizational racks for pots and pans can be placed on either walls, ceilings or in windows. They can be used for practically any pots or pans that include a hole in the handle. Make sure when installing these racks that they are installed according to instructions and are sturdy. Pots and pans can get pretty heavy and you want to prevent any accidents due to faulty installation.

#1 Most Gifted
Heavy duty chrome construction
Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on [relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

There are a number of different organization systems that can be hung snugly on your kitchen door. This extra space can help you store additional food or small appliances like your electric hand mixer. However, if the door is opened frequently you want to choose carefully what you put on the racks.

Spice RackDo you often have trouble finding things in your kitchen cabinets?

Well, you’re not alone. If you want to get more space out of your kitchen cabinets, use spice racks. These racks placed inside of your cabinets can give you better visual, and access to what you have inside of the cabinets.

Having to deal with an unorganized kitchen can make your cooking experience more work than it needs to be. However, cooking in a clutter free kitchen will help ease the cooking process and maybe even make it enjoyable. Get creative and explore the possibilities of a well organized kitchen.


Bathroom LightingChoosing the Right Bathroom Ceiling Lights

Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Charles Goodyear are legends in the world of business. Edison invented the light bulb, but it took him through 9998 tries to get it right. The light bulb Thomas Edison invented can be on its way out. The boost in demand for lighter, thinner, practical and low power consuming.



Dining Room LightsDining Room Lighting

If you’re dining in a breezy home that reminds you of the idyllic days of yore, when time with family meant tranquil afternoons spent gazing at green, wide open spaces or the prairie from afar, a simple black metal rustic chandelier with white lights may be all you need to imagine American country life of long ago. Friends and guests will also gaze with awe if you have an antler chandelier in your spacious living room. Supplemental accent lights like small circular or square pin lights can also add a simple yet beautiful touch to your country-style home.

The simple structure in a light bulb is built up with two metal contacts. They are connected to an electric circuit in the end. The connections between these metal contacts are attached together with two small stiff to the thin filament. The filament is located in the middle and attached to the glass mount. The bulb cavity is filled with gas as Argon.

Adding A Chandelier

Antique White ChandelierSoft in shape with a bit of sparkle, an antique white chandelier with pink crystals or a cast brass chandelier with a subtle design of swans can make the ambiance for a romantic dinner for two even more special. Use a dimmer to control the intensity of light and enhance aesthetic appeal.

Chandeliers can be quite simple yet lovely nonetheless. They can hover a few feet above a decadent or elegant bathtub. Mini chandeliers may look great atop your vanity area or dressing room, or a really spacious walk-in closet. A black chandelier or a big light pendant with geometric or whimsical pattern can add a dash of style and wonderful illumination to a kitchen where family members usually assemble.


Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on [relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.


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